Tutors include professors and academic researchers from Oxford Saïd. Tutors support the student teams throughout the programme, ensuring the delivery of high-quality assignments.

Aoife Brophy Haney

Departmental Research Lecturer, Innovation and Enterprise

Alex Connock

Fellow in Management Practice, Saïd Business School

Christiaan de Koning

Research Fellow, Oxford Venture Collaboratory

Jack Fraser

Research Fellow, Saïd Business School

Kathy Harvey

Associate Dean, MBA and Executive Degrees

Matthias Holweg

American Standard Companies Professor of Operations Management, Saïd Business School

Bernard Naughton

Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin

Matthias Qian

Research Fellow in Finance and AI, Saïd Business School

Paulo Savaget

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Engineering Science Department at Saïd Business School

Kazbi Soonawalla

Senior Research Fellow in Accounting, Saïd Business School

Marc Szepan

Lecturer, International Business

James Taylor

Professor of Decision Science, Saïd Business School

Felipe Thomaz

Associate Professor, Marketing

Marc Ventresca

Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Saïd Business School

Cecilia Varendh-Mansson

Research Fellow, Entrepreneurship in Africa, Saïd Business School

Rohini Jalan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Bridget Kustin

Research Fellow and Qualitative Lead, The Ownership Project

Marine Mograbyan

Teaching Fellow, International Business group, Saïd Business School