Steve Larter

Associate Vice President, University of Calgary

Role: Scientist

Sites: CDL-Rockies, CDL-Vancouver

Streams: Climate, Energy

Steve Larter is Associate Vice President (research innovation) at the University of Calgary and a research professor in geochemistry. With a background in industrial R&D(petroleum industry), he has had/has positions at the Universities of Oslo, Newcastle, CUPB, Tsinghua and Calgary, where he worked on a range of topics including studies of the deep subsurface biosphere and topics related to carbon management at scale. Former Scientific director of Carbon Management Canada, he has also worked on CCS, transition technologies for zero-emission energy recovery from oil and gas fields and currently, negative emission technologies. Cofounder of multiple startups in the energy, environment and IP space, his current focus is on developing realistic innovation systems that actually work for researchers. Steve is a member of the National Academies of the UK, Canada, Norway.