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For founders pursuing commercial opportunities in the neuroscience space.

The Neuro Stream at CDL-Toronto brings together entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers and investors with broad ranging experience in areas such as neurodegenerative disorders, neuroprosthetics, brain-computer interfaces, neurodevelopment, and cognitive modeling.

CDL startups work with these industry leaders and subject matter experts mentors to sharpen objectives, prioritize time and resources, raise capital, and engage with experts working on the frontiers of research. During the program, the startups participate in five objective-setting sessions between October and June.

CDL is a non-profit organization. There are no fees for participation and CDL does not take any equity. Learn more about the CDL program.

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Who Should Apply?

The Neuro Stream is particularly suited to founders with novel innovations in neuroscience. This stream is tailored towards early-stage companies (early venture or growth) or even projects (pre-incorporation); however, startups at all levels of maturity will be considered.

Example Innovation Areas

  • Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Neuromodulation
  • Neuromonitoring
  • Cognitive Modeling
  • Neuroprosthetic Devices
  • Drug Development for Brain Health and Neurodegenerative disorders

The list above is not exhaustive.

Our Mentors

CDL mentors include accomplished entrepreneurs, experienced operators, active angel and venture investors, world-leading scientists, engineers, and economists. Mentors meet every eight weeks in Toronto or virtually to help founders set objectives over the program’s nine-month duration.

Companies accepted to the CDL Neuro Stream will receive business and technical guidance on navigating regulatory approval, leveraging neurodata, planning clinical trials, and assessing business models for neurotechnology devices and therapeutics. These experts meet with companies periodically to evaluate their technologies, suggest improvements, and to explore formal advising engagements.

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“Many of the engineers I speak to don’t realize that their skills could be massively useful in advancing progress in brain machine interfaces. Historically, there wasn’t a lot they could do but that’s changed completely in recent years and humanity has put a lot more energy into using technology to interact with the brain. My hope is that this program helps talented minds from other industries realize just how much of a difference they would make and how many people they would help if they refocused on this problem. They don’t necessarily have to do it, but they should at least know that it’s a viable option!”

Shivon Zilis

Project Director, Neuralink | CDL-Toronto Neuro

“In my experience, Neuroscience is one of the 3 most exciting fields for learning and innovation in Medicine. The reason is that until recently the brain has essentially been a black box with only very basic tools to understand how it works. The increase in computing power and democratization of non invasive technologies like MRI, functional MRI, PET CT, EEG, & cerebral oximetry allow us to assess the brain in action like never before.”

Jehangir Appoo

Surgeon and Founder, AIoTHealth Fund | CDL-Toronto Neuro

“The CDL Toronto Neuro Stream presents a compelling vision and opportunity for the future, with its fusion of technologies comprising brain/machine interfaces, neurology and health therapeutics and diagnostics, artificial intelligence, and robotics. I’m honored and excited to participate in the Toronto Creative Destruction Lab’s Neuro Stream as a Mentor Fellow for 2021-2022!”

Ray Muzyka

CEO & Founder, ThresholdImpact

“CDL acted as a launching pad for us. Our company was just nascent when we participated. CDL provided us with instrumental connections with mentors with various expertise and experience, helping us refine our business strategy and identify potential investors. Importantly, some connections created during CDL remain, continuing to help us grow.”

Thomas Prevot

Project Scientist, AlphaCog | CDL-Toronto Neuro

“We really enjoyed our time in the Creative Destruction Lab program. As we are tackling a global health challenge, it helped us to test our assumptions about company growth against Silicon Valley expectations and to gain access to a great network of contacts across North America that we can leverage to support market entry in the US and Canada.”

Steven Chance

Chief Executive Officer, Oxford Brain Diagnostics Ltd. | CDL-Toronto Neuro

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