FTEX offers the world’s first Dynamic Drive for EVs, helping increase overall power output while increasing the range of EVs by as much as 30%. The Dynamic Drive is a solid-state transmission for EVs that is capable of fluctuating system bus voltage and throttle in real-time, controlled by smart AI algorithms to seek out the best settings in any driving conditions. Our solution allows for EVs to provide extended rides and provide significant savings for EV OEMs stemming from extra reliability and fewer replacement and maintenance costs. Our benefits increase the OEMs brand value and allow our clients to raise their prices which further increases profitability.

FTEX is a pioneer in precision motor control systems for small electric vehicles. By combining ultra-high-efficiency GaN-based drivetrains with innovative software-defined solid-state transmission systems, our technology improves vehicle performance, extends range, and enhances driver experience. FTEX is dedicated to making e-mobility sustainable through intelligent power management.