CDL-Vancouver presents the Innovation in Mining & Minerals Conference

October 25, 2023 // Vancouver Convention Centre

What is the Innovation in Mining and Minerals Conference about? 

In honor of the new Minerals stream launch, CDL-Vancouver is kicking off the year with an Innovation in Mining and Minerals Conference

This conference will bring together industry leaders, deep technology ventures (including CDL-Alumni), academics, and investors to discuss the future of the mineral exploration and mining industry. The latest in innovation will be showcased through keynotes, showcases, and panel discussions. 

This will be a unique opportunity to connect the BC, Canadian and Global communities to share insights into innovation in mineral exploration and mining to enable a more efficient and sustainable future for the industry.

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Conference Themes

Industry Innovation – Why now?

What are the macro-level drivers for innovation in mining and mineral exploration? Including geopolitics, climate, and policy.

Future of Mineral Exploration

How can innovation enable us to discover and define new deposits, in harder-to-find places, with a lower environmental footprint, greater social benefit, and greater efficiency?

Sustainability & Impact

How are we leading the charge in building a more sustainable future in mining?

Future of Mineral Extraction & Processing

How can technological innovation enable the extraction and processing of minerals?

New Frontiers: Terrestrial, Space, and Beyond

How can innovation unlock deposits in new frontiers to meet society’s demands? What are the potential risks or trade-offs? 

Innovation Challenges in the Industry

How can ventures finance their innovation and navigate intersections between R&D, Legal, and Finance to avoid common pitfalls with IP?

Finding the Opportunity

How to Accelerate the Commercialization of Industry Innovation?

Conference Speakers

Saad Dara 

Mangrove Lithium

John Thompson 

PetraScience Consultant Inc

Greg Hanna 

Destiny Copper

Mohammad Doostmohammadi

ph7 Technologies

Chih Ting Lo

EELO Solutions

Mark Russell 


Gary Agnew

Ideon Technologies

Chamirai Charles Nyabeze


Shahram Tafazoli

Weir Motion Metrics

Doris Hiam Galvez


David Hayes

AVO – Autonomous Vehicle Organization

Aria Hahn


General Admission Ticket Pricing

Regular Pricing / General Admission (after September 10, 2023)

A networking reception will be hosted following the conference. Please register using the form.

Group discounts available.

Creative Destruction Lab – Vancouver

CDL-Vancouver is based at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business and focuses on 6 Streams: Advanced Therapies, Biomedical Engineering, Cancer, Compute, Climate, and, new this fall – Minerals. The new stream reflects the increased activity in BC, Canadian, and the Global innovation ecosystem in delivering innovation in mineral exploration and mining to develop a more efficient and sustainable future for the industry.

CDL is an objectives-based program where founders work with and learn from experienced entrepreneurs, as well as world-class scientists, economists and business students with deep subject matter expertise. Companies enter the program through a competitive application process and, if accepted, participate in a nine-month program designed to build massively scalable technology startups.

Creative Destruction Lab is a non-profit organization with a mission to enhance the commercialization of science for the betterment of humankind. There are no fees for participation and CDL does not take any equity. Learn more about the CDL program.


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Innovation in Mining & Minerals Conference