Paul Cubbon


Darrell Kopke

Site Lead, CDL-Vancouver

Bree Stanlake


Murray Carlson

Academic Director, CDL-Vancouver

Sarah Caven

Associate Director, Partnerships

Diana Lim

Associate Director, Venture Management

Samantha Peng

Senior Venture Manager | Compute Stream Lead

Liam Hilder

Senior Venture Manager | Minerals Stream Lead

Louis-Alexandre Fournier CDL staff headshot

Louis Alexandre-Fournier

Venture Manager | Biomedical Engineering Stream Lead

Kyra Lee CDL staff headshot

Kyra Lee

Venture Manager | Climate Stream Lead

Carter MacDonald CDL staff headshot

Carter MacDonald

Venture Manager

Jordyn Flanagan's headshot with a hot pink filter.

Jordyn Flanagan

Venture Manager

Marcello Globelli's headshot with a hot pink filter.

Marcello Globelli

Venture Manager

Olivia Campbell's headshot with a hot pink filter.

Olivia Campbell

Venture Manager

Melaniia Volkodav's headshot with a hot pink filter.

Melaniia Volkodav

Venture Manager

Jon Haun CDL staff photo

Jon Haun

Data & Venture Manager

Lucy Adam

Partnerships Manager

Emily Dart

Partnerships Specialist

Denise Chin

Senior Project Manager

Tamara Masa Vojinovic

Senior Project Manager, Special Projects & Engagement

Anaelle Paul

Project Manager

Muhammad Noor Asif headshot with a hot pink filter.

Muhammad Noor Asif

Operations Administrator

Enikoe Szmola

Course Manager