Alexander Lazar

Professor of Pathology, Genomic Medicine, Translational Molecular Pathology & Dermatology, MD Anderson

Role: Scientist

Sites: CDL-Oxford, CDL-Toronto, CDL-Vancouver, CDL-Wisconsin

Streams: Advanced Therapies, Cancer

Alexander Lazar MD/PhD, a cancer specialist, merges academia with the corporate biomedical realm. His breadth of experience encompasses clinical practice, translational research, and consultancy, collaborating with public companies and emerging startups in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and emergency management sectors. As a scientific thought leader, Alex delivers risk-informed strategies and coaches executives and founders.

His research emphasizes genomics, microbiome, AI/machine learning, and targeted and immuno-therapies. With a portfolio of over 600 published works, Alex has made significant contributions to the FDA approval of medical innovations and the nurturing of new enterprises. An early entrepreneurial spirit, he established a computer company during high school years that financed his subsequent education.

Roles with the American Joint Cancer Commission (AJCC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) attest to his contributions to global struggle against cancer. Notably, during 2020-2021, Alex took a dedicated 15-month sabbatical to fortify both state and national COVID response efforts, assumed the role of biosecurity director for the Biden/Harris Presidential Inauguration, and helped author a comprehensive assessment of the U.S. COVID response published as the book, “Lessons from the Covid War.”

Alex produces live theatre in Houston, Texas and off-Broadway in New York. He serves on non-profit boards and commercial scientific advisory boards.

Embodying unwavering dedication, Dr. Lazar champions science and meticulous critical thinking to empower leaders in creating cultures that tackle pressing human challenges.