Alok Kulkarni

CEO & Co-Founder, Cyara

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Melbourne

Stream: Prime

Alok Kulkarni is a distinguished technological entrepreneur and the co-founder, CEO, and chairman of Cyara, the world-leading SaaS customer experience (CX) assurance platform for, contact centers and unified communications. With a deep passion for technology and customer experience, Kulkarni founded Cyara with the vision of helping enterprises deliver exceptional customer experiences consistently, even amidst rapidly evolving customer expectations and complex technological ecosystems​​.

Alok’s entrepreneurial journey began after his graduation, fueled by his ambition to become a technology entrepreneur. He gained valuable experience working with a Japanese software development company and later obtained an MBA from the University of Melbourne. Despite initial setbacks in the tech industry, he persevered, learning from his failures and focusing on his goals​​.

In 2006, Alok co-founded Cyara, envisioning it as a “digital mystery shopper” for customer communication platforms. The company uses innovative software and algorithms to test and improve customer communication systems, ensuring seamless customer journeys across various channels. Cyara’s solutions are designed to proactively identify and rectify defects, enhancing the overall customer experience​​.

Under his leadership, Cyara has grown into a global market leader in its field, with operations spanning Australia, New Zealand, the United States, London, Austria, Ireland, Canada and India. The company, headquartered in Silicon Valley and operated out of Melbourne, boasts a clientele that includes major corporations like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Telstra, Oracle, eBay, ANZ Bank, American Express, Nike, Lloyds etc​​​​.

Alok’s achievements extend beyond Cyara. He has been accepted into the Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class technology executives. This platform allows him to contribute his insights and expertise on emerging technology trends and customer experience strategies​​.

He is also the director of TIE Melbourne, and the founder of TIE Angels.