Andrus Purde

CEO, Outfunnel

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Estonia

Stream: Digital Society

Andrus Purde is a co-founder and CEO of Outfunnel. He is on a mission to unite sales and marketing, or at least the data side of things.

Andrus is a Pipedrive and Skype alumni. As a head of marketing of Pipedrive, he helped the company to grow from zero to over 70,000 paying customers and built a 20+ strong marketing team.

Andrus is a cleantech investor with Little Green Fund (Vok Bikes, Cuploop, Reverse Resources, PowerUp Technologies, UP Catalyst, Fusebox, eAgronom, Beast, SolidWorld DAO, Raiku, The Mighty Kitchen, Decomer Technologies). He has previously invested in SaaS and marketplaces: Bolt, Omnisend, Klaus, Fractory, SegmentStream, Hugo app, Dashbird, Wisnio, Jatri, WIP, Yaga, 99math, Adact, Koos. Andrus is also a Startup Wise Guys mentor.