Benjamin Heywood

General Partner, SkyRiver Ventures

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Toronto

Stream: Artificial Intelligence

As an entrepreneur and technologist, Ben Heywood has been at the centre of digital transformation for over 25 years. Ben co-founded PatientsLikeMe, an early social network for people living with chronic illness. As president and director, Ben managed all aspects of PatientsLikeMe’s operations, including strategy, business development, legal, finance, privacy, and product/engineering. Ben’s interest in technology goes back to childhood when his family brought home the first IBM PC. His thesis at M.I.T. explored the emerging technology of 3D printing. After working in manufacturing at Target Therapeutics, he moved to Hollywood to work in feature film development during the entertainment industry’s digital transformation. Since founding PatientsLikeMe, Ben has been an evangelist for patient-centred care and an advisor to companies leading the next wave of digital transformation.