Bill Adams

President, JCove Holdings Limited

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Atlantic, CDL-Montreal

Streams: Artificial Intelligence, Oceans, Prime

Bill Adams is co-founder of STI Technologies Limited (STI), a healthcare technology company that manages patient support programs in the Canadian market. Bill’s entrepreneurial drive was fueled by his belief that patients come first, and this determination supported his vision to develop innovative and highly efficient patient support programs that are simple for physicians, pharmacists, and patients. STI revolutionized the way pharmaceutical companies introduce and manage their key pharmaceutical brands. Bill held various leadership roles at STI, before retiring in June 2018. STI was acquired by publicly traded global conglomerate Quintiles/IMS (recently rebranded to IQVIA) in 2017.

Bill has a B.SC. and MBA from Dalhousie University, holds the ICD.D designation and currently serves on several boards, and is an active angel investor supporting various start-ups that align with his business interests.