Chih-Ting Lo

Founder & Principal, EELO Solutions

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Vancouver

Stream: Minerals

Chih-Ting Lo is the founder and president at EELO Solutions. She is a strategist, entrepreneur, and independent director committed to making global net-zero carbon future a reality focusing on high-impact industries. Chih-Ting believes that ESG innovation and investment are necessary to reach climate targets, and that the mining industry is a critical piece of the puzzle. A professional engineer with 20 years of experience, Chih-Ting’s deep sectoral knowledge, expertise in ESG performance, and leadership in innovation has gained international recognition. Her approach to work is collaborative, deliberate, and authentic.

To amplify her impact, Chih-Ting also serves as a non-executive director at Sherritt International and a climate-tech startup,  Minviro. She is also vice chair of the board at the Metro Vancouver Zero Emissions Innovation Centre and the director at Sustainable Development Technology Canada. Chih-Ting is an industry advisor at UBC Bradshaw Research Initiative for Minerals and Mining and an advisor at Summit Nanotech.