Eeshan Kulkarni

Principal, IP Group

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Melbourne

Stream: Prime

Eeshan Kulkarni strongly believes that scientists have an obligation to explore avenues through which their research can deliver value for society. His curiosity about deep tech commercialization led him to Singapore where, while completing a PhD in physics, he spun out three ventures from research labs at the university, one of which is now a multinational with customers in 190 countries.

Having experienced success as a deep tech entrepreneur, Eeshan decided to make the jump to venture capital, as a way of scaling his impact across multiple start-ups at once. His experience at a clean energy VC fund showed him the tremendous potential of Australian inventions to achieve global impact, with two portfolio companies listing on the NASDAQ, and a third being acquired by Shell.

At IP Group, Eeshan works as a principal in the physical sciences practice, searching for the next disruptive invention capable of achieving global impact.

Outside of work, Eeshan loves spending time outdoors with his two kids and spending time in his recording studio, playing just about any instrument that he can get his hands on!