Greg Puleo

VP, Digital Transformation, QBE

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Wisconsin

Stream: Risk

As a catalyst for change at QBE, Greg Puleo’s focus over the past five years has been steering their digital transformation in the ever-evolving insurance landscape. Over that span, Greg has taken an active role in driving a program of work to enable digital at QBE, focused on enhancing customer experiences, improving their operational efficiency, and harnessing the true potential of data.

Greg’s work revolves around tools and technologies like RPA, document ingestion, cloud computing, generative AI, multiple insurance industry-specific technologies, and the use of various insuretech platforms; technologies that are instrumental in shaping the future of insurance. Collaborating with diverse cross-functional teams, he has successfully led projects leveraging those technologies to improve overall customer experience, increase operational efficiencies and deliver tangible business outcomes.

Greg firmly believes in the potential of technology to refine the insurance sector, making it more transparent, accessible, and genuinely customer-centric. If you share this vision or believe, we can collaborate in meaningful ways, Greg would love to connect.