Guylain Roy-MacHabee

Entrepreneur & Advisor

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Vancouver

Stream: Compute

Guylain Roy-MacHabee is a C-level executive and entrepreneur who has 30 years of experience with blue-chip and venture-backed startup firms across wireless, embedded, hardware, location and high-availability software systems. He loves the challenge of vetting, developing, and guiding innovation through the complexities of engineering, IP development, operations, business development, licensing, and sales channel strategies. He has experienced the highs of startups, taking a mere idea from proof of concept to patent, and then seeing it applied to billions of mobile devices. Guylain has bootstrapped teams, secured venture financing, and negotiated successful exits and spinoffs. He has also experienced the lows, be it a lack of financing, adverse market conditions or winding down operations. It’s all part of a learning journey and he knows he can help others navigate their own.