Hannah Lewbel

Senior Technical Advisor to the CIO, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Role: Investigator

Site: CDL-Seattle

Stream: Computational Health

I’m an experienced senior product and technology executive who combines a love of solving technical challenges and taming chaos with growing diverse technical leadership teams and building products that improve people’s lives. I’m currently working for the US Dept of Veterans Affairs as the CIO’s Senior Technical Advisor focused on healthcare systems, AI, and cybersecurity. I bring 20+ years of industry experience to my work (Apple, Amazon, & Microsoft) inspiring and leading hands-on product development (software & hardware engineering) and product teams, providing senior technical guidance to execs, businesses, and boards, designing and executing on high-quality consumer, enterprise, and accessibility products, developing new technologies (31+ patents), and evolving engineering processes. I am data-driven with a bias for action, and I lead my teams with deep empathy, creating and supporting collaborative team cultures. If you have ever used a Kindle, iMac/Mac Mini, Xbox, a find my phone feature, or raised your hand in a virtual meeting, you have used a product I have invented or made.

I am a lifelong learner, educator, and passionate advocate for diversity and equality, and I live my values by sponsoring women and underrepresented minorities, providing them access to tech-focused education and career coaching. I actively volunteer in my communities (advocacy, policy, and product work for those with disabilities, guest lecturing [innovation, product dev, and a focus on STEM careers for girls and women] @ K-12 schools and in universities, leading women’s mentoring circles for healthy balanced career development, served as an EMT + Volunteer Firefighter, taught computer science to high school students), and I’m a community advocate and activist for human rights, women’s rights, environmental conservation, and education. I am happiest when I’m using my superpowers for good by connecting people with growth and learning opportunities and developing technologies that serve to strengthen our global communities.

In my free time, you can find me scuba diving with mantas, baking bread, driving my DeLorean “flying car” in parades, reading, and playing in the mountains with my partner and our 2 smart kiddos who keep us on our toes. My favorite literary quote is by Deborah Geary: “Choose life unafraid”.