Jacob Malthouse

Executive Director, Open Lunar Foundation

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Atlanta, CDL-Oxford, CDL-Paris, CDL-Toronto

Stream: Space

Jacob Malthouse is Executive Director of the Open Lunar Foundation. Open Lunar is dedicated to creating Lunar stewardship. It does this by investing in ideas that advance open governance innovation in the context of Lunar exploration. This creates impact by changing how we envision space exploration and shaping how we govern here on earth.

Jacob has been active in global governance innovation for over twenty years. He began his career at the UN Environment Program’s Finance Initiative, where he led the research and process that created the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and coined the acronym “ESG”.

He left the UN to join ICANN in 2005, where he founded ICANN’s fellowships program and launched its global partnerships team. Jacob left ICANN to create the “.eco” top-level domain registry, which he developed in partnership with a coalition of global environmental organizations.

In addition to his work at Open Lunar, Jacob is a 2023 Karman Foundation Fellow. He has a Degree in Geography and Economics from the University of Victoria, and lives on Vancouver Island, Canada.