Jafar Shenasa

Ex-FDA Digital Health Advisor

Role: Investigator

Sites: CDL-Toronto, CDL-Vancouver

Stream: Cancer

Jafar Shenasa is a seasoned regulatory strategy leader with over 27 years of extensive experience in the innovative medical device and digital health industry, leaving an indelible mark on innovative healthcare solutions that improve patients’ lives worldwide.

During his tenure at Proteus Digital Health, Jafar played a crucial role in achieving landmark milestones. He led the efforts for FDA (2012), EU (2011), and China (2016) approvals of the first-in-category ingestible sensor as a medical device. Later, he was instrumental to the NDA approval of the first drug-device digital medicine by the FDA in 2017.

Jafar also spearheaded the successful FDA approval of AppliedVR’s De Novo application, which utilizes virtual reality to treat chronic pain, highlighting his impact in advancing cutting-edge technologies for medical applications.

Most recently, Jafar was a digital health advisor at the FDA’s Digital Health Center of Excellence.

Jafar’s regulatory experience includes products in cardiovascular, mental health, general hospital, gynecology, orthopedics, neurology, ophthalmology, oncology, and ENT.

Jafar continues to mentor and advise medical device and digital health industry startups. In his spare time, Jafar enjoys hiking, swimming and skiing with his family, and concocts and showcases delicacy health and wellness beverages.