Jeff Green

Managing Director, Rusheen Capital Management

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Toronto

Stream: Matter

Mr. Green is a Founder and Managing Director of Rusheen Capital Management (RCM). Through RCM, which invests in and assists with the commercialization of low carbon and sustainable technologies, Mr. Green is: Executive Chairman of Moleaer, the pioneer of nanobubble technology at industrial scale; Founder and Board Member of Avnos, developer of a proprietary Hybrid Direct Air Capture solution that produces water for every ton of atmospheric CO2 captured; Investor and Board Member in Carbon Ridge, developer of modular onboard carbon capture for maritime shipping; Founder of 1PointFive, a developer of Direct Air Capture plus Sequestration; Principal in RCM Carbon Engineering Partners, a direct investment vehicle in Carbon Engineering, a leading company for the Direct Air Capture of CO2 from the atmosphere; and Founder and Board Member of C4-MCP, a low-cost, low-emission hydrogen production technology with only solid carbon byproduct. At the end of 2014, he completed his run as founder, CEO and Board Chair of NanoH2O, a global provider of reverse osmosis membranes that leverage nanotechnology to lower the cost of desalination. Mr. Green oversaw the rapid development of nanocomposite membranes from bench-scale research to next-generation commercial technology with over 300 installations in 40 countries in the 3 years from market launch. In April 2014, NanoH2O was acquired by LG Chem, the $22 billion global chemical company of the LG Group. Previously, as a software entrepreneur, Mr. Green founded Archive, Inc. (sold to Cyclone Commerce) and, Inc. (NASDAQ: “STMP”). In both companies, as VP of Marketing, Mr. Green directed company strategy and commercial operations. Mr. Green holds a BA from Dartmouth College and a MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA.