Jeff Kaplan

Chief Operating Officer, Tock Inc.

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Wisconsin

Streams: Health & Wellness, Risk

Jeff has spent the last two decades as a serial entrepreneur and executive of high-growth SaaS businesses. His demonstrated success in go-to-market strategy, client services, fundraising, and sell-side has led to three highly successful acquisitions creating over a billion dollars in returns for investors.

Currently, Jeff is Chief Operating Officer at Tock, a leading reservation and events platform for the hospitality industry. Prior to joining Tock, he co-founded and was Chief Executive Officer of MethodCare, a healthcare data mining and analytics software company, later purchased by ZirMed. Jeff served as ZirMed’s Chief Strategy Officer overseeing its product planning and growth investments leading to its sale to Bain Capital. Before MethodCare, Jeff co-founded and was Chief Executive Officer of Apollo Data Technologies, a data mining company specializing in predictive analytics for digital marketing, telecommunications, retail, and online gaming serving the Fortune 500 (acquired by ePrize, now Merkle). Prior to Apollo Data Technologies, Jeff led product planning and marketing at digiMine the first SaaS web analytics company. He started his career at GE Capital’s Financial Management Program.

Jeff earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a double major in accounting and marketing and a certificate in international business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.