Jim Hanlon

Owner, Halifax Marine Research Institute

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Atlantic

Stream: Oceans

Jim Hanlon is a 30-year veteran of the Canadian tech industry, having worked in design, marketing, and management for companies in Atlantic Canada, Ontario, and New England. His career has spanned the aerospace and defense sectors as well as the marine environmental monitoring field. Over the years, Jim has worked in senior management positions with several large publicly traded multinationals. He has also sampled the waters of the entrepreneurial well as an owner in two separate high-tech companies that have successfully grown and been purchased by multinationals. Until February 2012, Jim was the president of Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems in Halifax, NS. He and his partners sold their company to Ultra Electronics Inc. in May 2008. Jim’s personal passion is innovation and its impact on the competitiveness of Canadian industry. He is a proud alumnus of the Nova Scotia Technical College (now Dalhousie University Faculty of Engineering) with a degree in electrical engineering. He also has an MBA in marketing from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax and is a registered professional engineer in Nova Scotia. In the Spring of 2022, Jim was awarded an honorary doctorate by Dalhousie University in recognition of his contributions to ocean technology and science