Karl Swensen

CEO, Pull Logic

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Atlanta

Stream: Commerce

Karl is an experienced executive and professional with a proven track record of growing businesses, implementing change, and leveraging digital technologies with a wide range of companies in North America, Asia, and Europe. He has held leadership positions in technology, consulting, and retail / consumer product industries. Expertise in:

  • Developing strategic direction and managing large budgets to deliver results
  • Understanding how to use technology and digital capabilities to reimagine business models and achieve strategic business goals
  • Leveraging analytics and data models to drive labor productivity and customer satisfaction improvement
  • Improving productivity using incentives and workforce management systems
  • Creating and implementing supply chain strategies and networks
  • Designing and streamlining store, distribution center, and salesforce operations
  • Planning and implementing order management and fulfillment systems
  • Developing international sourcing efforts to improve profitability
  • Developing managers and personnel to grow the business
  • Comfortable operating in various international venues
  • Conversant in German and knowledge of Japanese

Specialties: Strategic planning, vision creation, leadership, digital innovation, analytics, business development, Six Sigma, process improvement, value creation, workforce management, store operations, supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, salesforce, consumer direct fulfillment, consumer product, and software industries