Kathryn Giudes

Managing Director, macroDATA Digital Solutions

Role: Investigator

Site: CDL-Melbourne

Stream: Prime

Kathryn has over 20 years of experience creating and running large internet-based businesses, starting in the late 1990s on Windows Update. She was senior director of e-commerce strategy in supply chain and managed the sales & marketing team at Microsoft Store online.

Prior to that, for the inception of the Xbox Games Marketplace, Kathryn set business vision, strategy and drove the technicaal execution around digital and physical supply chain technology and operations to enable Xbox’s billion-dollar business globally.

Kathryn is Managing Director of macroDATA Digital Solutions, an IT consulting firm that offers design and operation of data networking, warehousing, and processing. Separately, she’s very passionate about STEM education and programs which enhance student capability in this and related areas.