Ken Nickerson

Founder, iBinary

Role: Fellow

Site: CDL-Toronto

Stream: Artificial Intelligence

Ken’s goal is to corrupt brilliant young minds, by encouraging and funding (34 years) them to do something unexpected in the technology space. The plan was haphazard after meeting a first year Queens student (Mike Serbinis) to work on Genetic Algorithms and most recently a high school student (Jake Kitchen) who developed over the summer of 2023.

Before starting iBinary LLC, Ken worked at Microsoft for ten years, at Rogers Communications for five years, and in banking and insurance for several years. As VP of Technology at Rogers, he brought a software first mindset with the design and development of INMS (sold to AT&T) and the first wave of broadband-based Internet. At Microsoft, he initiated streaming media via LAN, the acquisition of Hotmail, and the building of MSN. He’s a founder, board member, or advisor to MaveriX, OMERS, Xanadu, dTaz, Sealed, Horizon, Kobo, Synbiota, and many others. His current investments focus on privacy (Sealed) / (i6) and open-source AGI research.