Kurt Roots

CEO & Co-Founder, Bend Health

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Wisconsin

Stream: Health & Wellness

Kurt Roots is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record spanning over 25 years in building and commercializing technology and AI-enabled products, particularly in the digital health sector. His expertise in machine learning, programming, and databases has been a foundation in creating groundbreaking solutions for healthcare challenges. He has been awarded multiple patents for these efforts and has numerous peer-reviewed publications demonstrating efficacy.

In 2011, he founded CogCubed and spearheaded the company’s journey from ideation to market, creating a suite of machine learning tools aimed at detecting executive functioning deficits. After selling the company to Teladoc Health in 2016, he went on to lead their data science organization which involved harnessing big data and AI to personalize telehealth services, making healthcare more accessible and efficient.

As the co-founder and CEO of Bend Health, which is a venture-backed digital health company, he is revolutionizing mental healthcare for kids, teens, and families through a unique combination of a data-centric technology platform and the collaborative care model (CoCM). Bend Health is poised to set new benchmarks in delivering effective and timely mental health treatments, bolstered by Kurt’s unwavering commitment to technological innovation and patient-centric care.

Through his ventures and leadership roles, Kurt has continually demonstrated his aptitude for taking technology and AI products from conceptualization to market. His contributions have been pivotal in driving innovations that have tangibly improved healthcare outcomes and efficiencies.