Marc Alloul

Managing Partner W2/23, W Investments

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Montreal

Stream: Web3

Marc Alloul is an engineer/quantum physicist turned entrepreneur, spending the last twenty years in both large publicly traded as well as smaller private equity funded companies where he developed and brought to market innovative technology & marketing solutions to some of the world’s companies. Marc is currently managing partner W2/W3 at W Investments, a private Québec investment firm that targets businesses with high growth potential as well as a strategic advisor to several companies where he is a shareholder, board member or mentor.

He is a veteran in the mobile entertainment industry. As an active member of the management team, Marc instrumented the sale of Bight Games to Electronic Arts, Mobitween to Zed Group, Airborne Entertainment to Cybird and Indiqu to Mforma/Hands-on Mobile. He worked for Schlumberger’s Smart Cards Mobile division (now Gemalto) for more than five years in a variety of countries and senior leadership roles focusing on product marketing, sales and implementation of advanced software solutions. He also worked for IBM’s Silicon-Gate line in France.

Marc earned a master’s in quantum physics from McGill University, Canada, a master’s in mobile communications from the EURECOM Institute, Sophia Antipolis, France, and graduated from the “École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications” (ENST), Paris, the leading French telecommunications engineering school. Marc was the Quebec Region Winner of the 2018 Startup Canada Entrepreneur of the Year Award.