Marc Lijour

Co-Founder, Permissionless Innovation

Role: Investigator

Site: CDL-Montreal

Stream: Blockchain/Web3

Marc Lijour is an entrepreneur, researcher, and educator on a mission to unlock human potential in a world increasingly governed by data and software. After a career in education spanning several continents, Marc led innovative technology policies and programs at the Ontario Ministry of Education, such as the revision of the Technological Education curriculum (2009), the launch of e-learning services for 2 million students, and building capacity in French-language school boards. He was instrumental in revising the provincial Intellectual Property Directive and launching the first RFP toolkit to procure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for the Broader Public Service in Ontario.

Marc joined the private sector to accelerate the digital transformation of every single industry, starting at Cisco’s Innovation Centre, helping industry leaders create value while supporting tech entrepreneurs with their go-to-market initiatives, and then as acting CEO at Prepr and as an advisor with several startup incubators. He spent 5 years consulting and working for a venture production studio before joining ICTC to lead government-funded programs helping every Canadian build a great career in the digital economy.

For the last eight years, Marc has particularly drawn his attention to blockchain technologies and the promise of web3. He contributed to building the consulting arm at ConsenSys, launched the first college program for blockchain developers in Canada, co-founded DeFi Toronto, and took the lead of IEEE Blockchain in Canada. He participates in several industry program advisory committees (PACs) at leading Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Marc is currently focusing on several initiatives supporting entrepreneurs in the DeepTech sector, and building up a mindset of Permissionless Innovation to rapidly build effective solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

Marc holds degrees in mathematics, computer science, and the management of technology and innovation (MBA). He serves on the board of multiple not-for-profit organizations in the tech industry, such as TechConnex. He is a founding member and secretary of the board at La French Tech Toronto.