Marcel Bally

Role: Scientist

Sites: CDL-Toronto, CDL-Vancouver

Stream: Cancer

Dr. Bally is a recognized expertise in biochemistry, pharmacology/ toxicology, nanoscale drug delivery formulations and preclinical models including expertise in a variety of orthotopic and metastatic cancer models as well as pharmacodynamic analysis. He is qualified to conduct preclinical safety studies under Good Laboratory Practices and has completed training in Good Manufacturing Practices. He has trained over 60 PDFs/PhD students. Trainees currently in his lab have competitive salary support from MITACs and the Brazil government. Of those which have moved on from his lab, 10 are in tenured academic positions, 17 hold management and scientific posts in biotech companies, 4 are involved in regulatory affairs, 11 are physicians and 6 work in organizations that form an interface between industry and academia (e.g. Centre for Drug Research and Development, CDRD). He co-founded CDRD, an organization which translates academic discoveries into commercially viable technologies.