Margarita Marinova

Senior Engineer and Planetary Scientist

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Atlanta, CDL-Paris, CDL-Toronto

Stream: Space

Dr. Margarita Marinova has been contributing to space and planetary exploration, in both science and engineering capacities, with the overarching goal to advance human exploration through science and technology, She is passionate about leveraging science and technology to further humanity’s reach into our Solar System, improve rocket capabilities and reusability, gain deeper understanding of the Earth and its planetary neighbors, and applying these advancements to improve life on Earth.

Dr. Marinova received her BSc in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, and continued to obtain a Masters and PhD in Planetary Sciences from Caltech. She has worked at Airbus Space Propulsion in engine nozzle research and development, and NASA Ames Research Center as a planetary scientist. Most recently she was at SpaceX as a propulsion systems responsible engineer for the vertical takeoff and landing F9R-Dev vehicle, vehicle responsible engineer for internal research and the reusability program, and senior Mars development engineer working on mission architecture and vehicle design for the Starship vehicle and its planetary missions. She’s currently an independent consultant.