Mathieu Baril

CEO, Octav Labs Inc.

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Montreal

Stream: Blockchain/Web3

Mathieu Baril is the co-founder and CEO of Octav, a pioneering web3 startup specializing in deciphering and labeling blockchain transactions to facilitate enhanced comprehensibility and reporting of crypto-assets. Leveraging sophisticated machine learning, Octav stands at the forefront of addressing critical challenges in the crypto ecosystem by continuously learning and adapting from user inputs on its mission to label the entire DeFi ecosystem. His venture into the world of blockchain is marked by influential roles including COO and strategy lead in early projects as well as being an angel investor in multiple projects including Parallel Studios and Axelar.
Mathieu’s professional journey started as a biotech engineer in Silicon Valley, where he played a pivotal role at Kinova Robotics and then Auris Health, contributing to the development and integration of innovative robotic arms. His time in California was characterized by the acquisition of Auris by Johnson & Johnson for $5.75B and enriched learning experiences at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. These experiences have shaped Mathieu’s multifaceted perspective, blending technical proficiency with business acumen, enabling him to drive innovations and contribute significantly to diverse technological domains. In his free-time Mathieu is an avid kitesurfer.