Nathan Kundtz

CEO, Rendered.AI | Physicist in Residence, Tectonic

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Atlanta, CDL-Paris, CDL-Seattle, CDL-Toronto

Streams: Manufacturing, Space

Nathan Kundtz recently stepped down from his role as Kymeta’s CEO and is currently working with Duke University, Intellectual Ventures, Tectonic Ventures, and others to build and grow great companies.

The technology behind Kymeta’s products was Nathan’s brainchild as a PhD student. He led the original technology development as Kymeta’s CTO before taking the reigns as CEO in 2014. As CEO Nathan led Kymeta’s transition from laboratory exploration into a product and services company building a global supply chain to use excess liquid crystal display production capacity (and its $250 billion in global infrastructure) to make Kymeta’s groundbreaking mTenna products. The mTenna remains the first and only solid-state product on the market to challenge mechanically scanned VSAT (dish) antennas and has been deployed globally in nearly every mobile communications market including maritime, automotive, rail, IOT, first responders, and defence.

Nathan also recognized the importance of bringing a complete solution to the market (not just an antenna) and forged a partnership with the world’s largest satellite operator, Intelsat, to bring a Kymeta’s own service to market around the world. He has also been recognized by LinkedIn as one of the top 10 technology professionals under 40, and has been inducted into the Duke Graduate School’s Few-Glasson Society.

Nathan has a master’s in electrical engineering and PhD in physics from Duke University. His work has covered topics in low-temperature condensed matter physics as well as metamaterials and microwave devices. He has authored or co-authored more than 40 patents and patent applications as well as over 30 peer reviewed publications, including award-winning doctoral research. Nathan is currently an adjunct assistant professor of electrical rngineering at Duke University and a member of the Duke University Graduate School Board of Visitors.