Neal Mody

Managing Director, Zoic Capital

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Seattle

Streams: Computational Health, Manufacturing

Neal Mody is the Founder and Managing Director of Zoic Capital. Zoic is a venture capital firm focused on unique medical technology companies at the forefront of solving problems. Zoic partner’s with early stage companies that are creating something that’s never existed before. He is also the founder of Ambature, a materials science company with over 200+ patents in the field of high temp superconductors. As a result of having founded a few companies and mentored/invested/catalyzed many more, Neal has taken an interest in studying mastery and inorganic growth and how to effectively apply both of these far ranging topics to life and business. Neal is married and living in Seattle, and in his time off enjoys photography and travel to rare and remote places-because of the wide angle view that travel provides.