Nicholas Nadeau

CTO, SmartOne

Role: Scientist

Site: CDL-Montreal

Stream: Supply Chain

Dr. Nicholas Nadeau is the Chief Technology Officer at SmartOne, a leader in ethical AI and data solutions. Nicholas has become a pivotal figure in tech innovation with a Ph.D. in AI and engineering and a career dedicated to emerging technologies. Before joining SmartOne, he founded Nadeau Innovations, propelling startups to success as a fractional CTO.

Nicholas’s expertise isn’t just technical; he’s deeply involved in mentoring within the tech community, offering his insights to startups through platforms like Creative Destruction Lab, Techstars, and NextAI. His work has significantly impacted the field, evidenced by his rich background in deploying innovative technology solutions, notably his tenure as CTO at 1X, where he led the deployment of humanoid robots, supporting the company’s success in raising over $100M, with contributions from high-profile investors such as OpenAI.

At SmartOne, Nicholas leverages his extensive background to spearhead product development and innovation, focusing on delivering solutions that are not only impactful but also ethically responsible. His vision for SmartOne involves human-AI collaboration to push the boundaries of data and AI applications, ensuring they meet the highest data privacy, quality, and efficiency standards.