Paul Ciriello

Managing General Partner, Finistere Ventures

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Montreal, CDL-Toronto

Streams: Matter, Supply Chain

Paul Ciriello has a career that spans public service, financial services and venture capital. Paul started his career as a United States Presidential Fellow and then a senior policy advisor at the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Next, he joined Fidelity Investments in Boston and was the founder and president of several investment and financial services companies, including The Proxy Edge, which automated proxy voting and corporate governance tracking for the U.S. securities industry. The Proxy Edge was acquired by ADP. Paul founded and was the managing director of TD Capital Ventures in Boston, which led to his founding Fairhaven Capital Partners, where he is the managing general partner. He founded and is a managing partner for Milk Street Investments, a systematic investing platform for early-stage companies – which created the MIT Alumni Angels and the Harvard Founders Network. Paul is also an investing partner at Finistere Ventures in Palo Alto. All told, Paul has managed funds that have invested about $500M in nearly 100 early-stage startups, generating many realizations including five unicorn exits. He has served on the boards of director for many venture backed companies and also on the advisory boards for several U.S. universities in New York, Virginia and Massachusetts.