Salar Javid

President, Javid & Company Inc.

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Atlanta, CDL-Oxford, CDL-Paris, CDL-Toronto, CDL-Vancouver

Streams: Minerals, Space

Salar Javid is a seasoned mining and management consulting executive who is passionate about bridging Earth’s resources with extraterrestrial frontiers for a sustainable future. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Salar’s expertise spans the globe, driving innovation, technology, and strategy across all continents and commodities in mining operations and mining technology.

Salar’s vision extends beyond our planet – his passion for space resource utilization and manufacturing is a big driver for his current and future endeavours. An unwavering advocate of pioneering technology, he shapes the future of space and mining industries through operational and advisory roles and as an angel investor in startups. Salar’s dedication to innovation underscores his commitment to propelling boundaries beyond Earth.

As the former CEO and co-founder of Outliers Mining Solutions, Salar has an impressive track record of 15x revenue growth, innovative service development, and agile leadership through challenging times. His extensive experience at Outliers Mining Solutions, Barrick Gold and Rio Tinto, where he played pivotal roles in business strategy, capital allocation, technology implementation, and operational excellence, has earned him accolades as a change-maker in the mining industry.

In the realm of social impact, Salar co-founded Time4Change (formally known as Tokens4Change), a charitable initiative supporting homeless youth in Toronto. With his steadfast leadership, the initiative has raised significant funds, enlisted corporate partnerships, and provided homes to those in need.

With a passion for progress and a commitment to sustainability, Salar is a strategic thinker, a change agent, and a true advocate for a better tomorrow.