Serge Beauchemin

Managing Partner, AQC Capital

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Montreal

Stream: Web3

Serge Beauchemin began his career as a sales representative in computer stores. At the age of 22, he decided to start his own business. With a friend and a starting capital of $40, Serge founded 3-SOFT in 1987, a firm specializing in selling software. Growth was spectacular. In 1999, he was among the Top 40 Canadians under 40. Under his leadership, the company grew and achieved sales of over $75M in 2004. During this period, the company developed other business units, made several sales, mergers and acquisitions and raised multiple sources of private funding, including one of more than $5M. The company was also recognized as one of the 50 Best Managed Private Companies in Canada for six consecutive years. Above all, it was Serge’s leadership and great mobilization skills that made him stand out as a business manager. His company’s slogan was “The power of a team!” In 2005, the company was very successfully sold to its main competitor.

A shareholder in a dozen private companies, such as Strom Spa and Devolutions, Serge is actively involved at a strategic level in all companies where he is a shareholder. For more than 10 years, he has shared his experiences and knowledge as a speaker at HEC Montréal, hoping to pass on his passion and energy to them so that they can pursue their dreams and start their business projects. Serge also collaborates with several organizations related to entrepreneurship, such as HEC, Réseau M, the Association des clubs étudiants entrepreneurs and Junior Achievement Quebec.

To fulfill his desire to promote entrepreneurship in Québec, Serge agreed to participate in the television show “Dans l’œil du Dragon” (the Quebec equivalent of the Dragon’s Den) in 2013, for six consecutive seasons. In May 2018, always with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship, Serge launched the alias entrepreneur platform through which he offers his expertise and advice in the form of short video capsules. In September 2020, he became managing partner at AQC Capital, a $165M AUM seed/pre-seed fund in Quebec.