Steven Bryant

Research Chair in Materials Engineering, University of Calgary

Role: Scientist

Sites: CDL-Rockies, CDL-Vancouver

Streams: Climate, Energy, Minerals

As Schulich School of Engineering Research Chair in Materials Engineering at the University of Calgary and in his previous role as the University’s first Canada Excellence Research Chair, Steven Bryant leads an interdisciplinary research program for energy and climate applications. The program brings together advances in fields such as nanotechnology, novel materials and microbiology to re-imagine how society can benefit from hydrocarbon resources with reduced environmental impact. To date, this work has yielded more than two dozen inventions and five start-up companies.

Previously, he held the Bank of America Centennial Professorship in the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, where he directed the Geological CO2 Storage Joint Industry Project and the Nanoparticles for Subsurface Engineering Industrial Affiliates Program. Steven worked in industry research centers in Europe for a decade before joining academia. Steven has published over 360 times on applications in production and reservoir engineering, formation evaluation, and CO2 storage. He has led major research initiatives involving industry partnerships and trained over 150 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Steven is the proud recipient of the 2021 Society of Petroleum Engineers Sustainability and Stewardship in the Oil and Gas Industry Award.