Sue Satyro

Carbon Strategist | NETs, Carbon Sequestration and Removal, Material Development, Circular Economy

Role: Scientist

Site: CDL-Vancouver

Streams: Climate, Minerals

Sue Satyro is Environmental Professional (EP®) certified by ECO Canada, with a PhD in chemical engineering, a master’s degree in environmental geochemistry, and a bachelor’s in chemistry. Sue led and participated in research groups on three continents dealing with environmental issues on many levels. From environmental monitoring to technology development and early days of deployment, either by working on a lab bench, collecting field samples, coordinating field campaigns, mentoring junior professionals, or by supporting multidisciplinary technical teams. As a post-doctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia Sue worked with mining and forestry sectors leaning on circular economy approaches to lead waste-to-value projects. Between 2021 an 2022, she was the lead research scientist in a climate-tech startup where she launched their research program in carbon sequestration, biocarbon and material development.

Sue is one of the few climate professionals selected worldwide to participate in the Climatebase Fellowship (cohort 2) to acquire practical, industry-relevant knowledge across a range of critical climate sectors, specially leveraging the built environment as a carbon deposit. She is now responsible for driving financial gains from carbon sequestration and removal projects through the generation of carbon offsets credits in a startup in BC.

Sue is still actively involved in the academic community, supporting advancements in sustainable materials to enable reductions of embodied carbon emissions, as a committee member of PhD and Master students from Prof. Sumi Siddiqua in the civil engineering department at UBC.