Syd Knecht

Founder & CEO, Promark Electronics Inc.

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Montreal

Stream: Supply Chain

As the founder and former chairman of Promark Electronics, Syd Knecht has spent the last 35 years building a successful business in the electronics industry. Born to Holocaust survivor parents who emigrated to Canada in 1948, he grew up with a passion for electronics and a strong work ethic. From eager beginnings as an amateur radio operator and through various experiences in both distribution and manufacturing of passive components, this led way to his calling in the world of connectors, wire and cable, and cable assemblies.

Promark Electronics was acquired by Electronic Components International (ECI), a portfolio company of Cerberus Capital Assets. Syd’s three sons joined the company six years ago, and continue to manage the three business units of the company, Promark Electronics, ProEV and Aerosystems International Inc (ASI). ECI is one of the largest wire harness companies in the world, a $1.5B  company with 40 facilities and a growing team of 25,000 employees around the world. Promark Electronics is currently leading the global electrification market.

In addition to his work with Promark Electronics, Syd is dedicated to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs achieve their goals and build successful businesses. Through his company, KNKT Capital, he provides guidance, expertise, and support to aspiring entrepreneurs and helps them establish successful ventures in the Canadian marketplace. Syd is currently a mentor and coach with Creative Destructive Labs in the Montreal chapter, evaluating business opportunities and offering support to startups and established businesses.