“As founding partners of the CDL Minerals stream, BHP is beyond thrilled for the opportunity to convene the brightest creators of new technologies needed to uncover more critical minerals. Our partnership with CDL reflects BHP’s purpose in action, to bring people and resources together to build a better world. We supply critical minerals like copper and nickel, and as the world works towards decarbonization, innovative partnerships are a key lever to help generate more supply. Together, BHP Ventures and BHP Xplor are at the cutting edge of transformation within our industry and have created new growth opportunities for BHP through unique partnerships – their inclusion in this partnership couldn’t be more fitting. Collaboration is at the heart of both programs, and we value the opportunity to work together with CDL to accelerate  technological innovation to power the energy transition.” – Sonia Scarselli, VP Metals Exploration and Xplor, BHP.