Please read the application eligibility details below before starting your CDL Apprentice Program Application:

The program invites women-identified individuals including two-spirit, transgender and non-binary high-school students between the ages of 14-18 who are curious about entrepreneurship, technology, or science-based innovation to apply for the CDL Apprentice Program.

Students will be given the opportunity to join emerging technology online modules focused on frontier-end technologies throughout the year, and apply to observe a CDL Session day.

A review of all applicants will be conducted, and students will receive notification of the status of the applications within the next few weeks.

If accepted into the program, the student is required to have a parent/legal guardian complete a Participation Waiver in order to be able to register for the online emerging technology modules and the CDL Global Summit.

Note that acceptance into the CDL Apprentice Program does not guarantee an invitation to an in-person CDL session. In-person sessions are an extra opportunity with an additional application process highlighted in the form below. Students selected for the in-person sessions will be contacted by a local CDL site directly.

CDL sessions take place every couple months between October and May, depending on the site. Please note that although you apply to attend an in-person session now, invitations likely will not be sent for a couple of months (until closer to the session date). Only students selected for the in-person sessions will be contacted by a local CDL site directly. Please do not reach out to CDL to inquire on the status of your application for in-person sessions. Please note that the speakers in all sessions are recorded for internal research and analysis but participants will not be captured in any video or audio recordings.

By submitting this Application Form, you confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria set out above:


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