Over the past ten years, Creative Destruction Lab has seen over 6,500 founders representing more than 2,300 companies participate in the CDL program. CDL alumni companies have gone on to create over CAD $20 billion in equity value. 

What started as a small mentorship program for tech startups in 2012, has evolved into a global program with twelve locations across Canada, the US, and Europe. 

If you’re a founder working on deep-tech innovations, CDL can connect you with world-class mentors, scientists, and investors to accelerate your startup. The 9-month CDL program runs from October to June and is currently accepting applications for its upcoming program year. 

This past year, high-potential startups from all over the world have been working tirelessly through the CDL program, and we’re pleased to release the full list of our 200+ CDL Graduating Ventures from the 2021/22 program year. Congratulations!


CDL-Atlantic Prime 

Drinkable Water Solutions Inc. drinkable.tech

Electric Puppets electricpuppets.com

Frenter frenter.com

Greenlight Analytical greenlightanalytical.com

Melior Motus meliormotus.com

Myomar Molecular Inc.

NovaResp Technologies Inc. novaresp.com

Picketa Systems picketa.com

Prosaris Solutions Ltd. prosaris.ca

TurboPlay Genxp.com

CDL-Rockies Prime

All Skin allskinhealth.com

Cadence Final Document Services cadencecares.ca

Convergence Medical Sciences convergencemed.ca

Nephrodite Inc. nephrodite.com

Ownly theownly.io

Umay Care umay.rest

Xander xander.tech

CDL-Toronto Prime

Rivelin Robotics rivelinrobotics.com

Alariss Global alariss.com

InSpek inspek-solutions.com

MintList mintlist.com

Mobot teammobot.com

Northern Nanopore Instruments solidstatenanopore.com

Structure Plus structure.plus

CDL-Vancouver Prime

Audette audette.io

Chroma Technologies chroma.ca

Machinery Analytics machineryanalytics.com

Operant Networks operantnetworks.com

Pocketed (legally known as deepND Inc.) hellopocketed.io

RailVision Analytics railvision.ca

Recalm recalm.com


CDL-Rockies Ag

Avalo avalo.ai

Holganix holganix.com

IXON ixon.com.hk

Liven Proteins livenproteins.ca

Re-Nuble re-nuble.com

Root Applied Sciences rootappliedsciences.com

CDL Artificial Intelligence

CDL-Montreal AI

Adaptive Pulse adaptivepulse.com

AI Health Highway ai-highway

Areto Labs aretolabs.com

Arkangel AI arkangel.ai

Haloo haloo.co

Lux Aerobot luxaerobot.com

Mely.ai mely.ai

Memorable tekal.ai

Sesh gosesh.com

Simmunome Inc. simmunome.com

Visual Behavior visualbehavior.ai

CDL-Oxford AI

Advai advai.co.uk

Cogram cogram.com

Inspirient inspirient.com

IPercept Technology ipercept.io

Kaedim kaedim.com

Luffy AI luffy.ai

QuantPi quantpi.com

Zeta Motion zetamotion.com

CDL-Toronto AI

Cedience biotechsquare.com

Shakudo shakudo.io

TrojAI troj.ai

Waverly mywaverly.com

CDL Blockchain

CDL-Toronto Blockchain

Bittensor bittensor.com

BX Smart Labs bloinx.io

Gray Wolf graywolfai.com

Open Leverage openleverage.finance

Onomy Protocol onomy.io

Polkadex polkadex.trade

PERCS getpercs.com

CDL Climate

CDL-Oxford Climate

Blue Planet Ecosystems blueplanetecosystems.com

Byterat byterat.io

Milvus Advanced

Mission Zero Technologies missionzero.tech

Mixteresting mixteresting.com

Odqa Renewable Energy Technologies odqa.com

Sphera sphera.uk

Spoor spoor.ai

Xampla xampla.com

CDL-Paris Climate

GenoMines genomines.com

Unicorn Biotechnologies unicornb.io

Sitowie sitowie.fr

Bioweg bioweg.com

Brayfoil Technologies brayfoil.com

Asclepios Tech asclepiostech.com

Papkot papkot.com

CDL-Vancouver Climate

Aquacycl aquacycl.com

KineticCore Solutions kineticcore.com

Lypid lypid.co

Novoloop novoloop.com

pH7 Technologies ph7technologies.ca

CDL Commerce

Atheraxon atheraxon.com

Automation Intelligence autointel.io

Belive.ai belive.ai

Blockalytics blockalytics.io


Gimme Vending gimmevending.com

LimeLoop thelimeloop.com

Omnispeech omni-speech.com

RIF Robotics rifrobotics.com

SJW Robotics sjwrobotics.com

WasteWizer Technologies wastewizer.com

Weeve weeve.ai

CDL Energy

2S Water 2swater.com

Aurora Hydrogen aurorahydrogen.com

ChargeLab chargelab.co

IronSight ironsight.app

Moment Energy momentenergy.ca

SunGreenH2 sungreenh2.com

CDL FinTech

Atlas Metrics atlasmetrics.io

Caura caura.com

ClimateX climate-x.com

Curacel curacel.ai

Dapio (previously Paymob) paymobtech.com

ShareID shareid.ai

CDL Health

CDL-Oxford Health

6degrees 6degrees.tech

CytoSwim cytoswim.com

Dermagnostix dermagnostix.com

Hypervision Surgical hypervisionsurgical.com

LiliumX liliumx.com

Link Biologics linkbiologics.co.uk

LuSeed Vascular LuSeed-Vascular.com

Neuronostics neuronostics.com

CDL-Seattle Computational Health

Cellens cellensinc.com

Origin Health originhealth.ai

Talus Bio talus.bio

Tend Health tend-health.com

Valorant Health valoranthealth.com

Wayfinder Biosciences wayfinderbio.com

CDL-Toronto Health

A4i a4i.me

Covira Surgical ovirasurgical.com

Cytosolix Inc. cytosolix.com

Decoy Therapeutics decoytx.com

Inso Biosciences inso.bio

InventoRR M.D. Inc. inventorrmd.ca

LEADOPTIK leadoptik.com

Limax Biosciences limaxbiosciences.com

NearWave nearwave.co

Synova Life Sciences synovalife.com

TATUM Bioscience tatumbio.com

Tidal Medical tidalmedical.com

CDL-Toronto Neuro

AXONIS Therapeutics axonis.us

IRegained Inc. iregained.ca

Neurastasis neurastasis.com

PSYONIC psyonic.io

Origami Therapeutics origamitherapeutics.com

Cordance Medical cordancemedical.com

Encora Therapeutics encoratherapeutics.com

CDL-Vancouver Health

20/20 OptimEyes Technologies 2020optimeyes.ca

Arrowsmith Genetics

Biomotum biomotum.com

BugSeq bugseq.com

Catena Biosciences catenabiosciences.com

Implant Genius implantgenius.com

Palm Therapeutics palmtherapeutics.com

Protillion Biosciences protillion.com

Proton Intelligence protonintel.com

TYBR Health tybrhealth.com

CDL-Wisconsin Health & Wellness

Child Health Imprints hildhealthimprints.com

Arcascope arcascope.com

Gray Oncology Solutions Inc. gray-os.com

LUCID Inc. thelucidproject.ca

Pearl Diagnostics pearldx.com

ViewMind Inc. viewmind.ai

Winter Innovations winter-innovations.com

xDot Medical Inc. xdot-medical-inc

CDL Matter

Lios lios-group.com

Molecule Works moleculeworks.com

Krosslinker krosslinker.com

Wootz wootznano.com

CDL Oceans

Algae-C algae-c.com

Ashored Inc. ashored.ca

Blue Lion Labs bluelionlabs.com

ecoSPEARS ecospears.com

Engage Creative Technologies engagecreative.ca

Planetary Technologies planetarytech.com

Sunfish Inc. sunfishinc.com

WaveAerospace waveaerospace.com

Wittaya Aqua International Inc. wittaya-aqua.ca

CDL Quantum 


C12 Quantum Electronics c12qe.com

ForeQast foreqast.ai

Pixel Photonics pixelphotonics.com

QC82 qc82.tech

QphoX qphox.eu

Quantum Oracles uantumoracles.xyz

Qubic qubictech.co

Qunova Computing qunovacomputing.com


CDL Risk

BirdsEyeView Technologies birdseyeviewtechnologies.com

Cooper Pet Care cooperpetcare.com

Federato federato.ai

iink Payments iinktech.com

Protosure protosure.io

CDL Space 

Kayahn Space Corp. kayhan.space

Leanspace leanspace.io

Lunar Outpost lunaroutpost.com

NewOrbit neworbit.space

Novo Space novo.space

Obruta Space Solutions obruta.com

Prewitt Ridge prewittridge.com

CDL Supply Chain

AWL-Electricity awl-e.com

Femtum femtum.com

Maxa AI maxa.ai

Pathway pathway.com

Niosense niosense.com

Optimate optimate.ai

PAXAFE paxafe.com

PemPem pempem.org

PowerTree powertree.ai

Talyn Air talyn.com

The Rubic therubic.com

About Creative Destruction Lab

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a nonprofit organization that delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies. Its nine-month program allows founders to learn from experienced entrepreneurs, increasing their likelihood of success. Founded in 2012 by Professor Ajay Agrawal at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, the program has expanded to 12 sites across six countries. Participating ventures have created $20 billion (CAD) in equity value.