Cathy Bennett

Founding & Co-Managing Partner, Sandpiper Ventures

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Atlantic, CDL-Vancouver

Streams: Minerals, Oceans, Prime

Currently a board director and consultant, Cathy Bennett’s focus is growth. As a former CEO and seasoned entrepreneur, she has worked with dozens of companies to grow and improve business performance. Cathy has 30 years of business leadership in her own company, Bennett Group of Companies, which includes operations in commercial and industrial construction, industrial manufacturing, human resource support, food service, industrial supply, real estate investments and operations. Cathy has served as a member of the Newfoundland & Labrador House of Assembly. While in this role, she also served as a Cabinet member, the Minister for Finance, the President of the Treasury Board, the Minister responsible for the Status of Women, the Human Resource Secretariat, the Public Service Commission and the office of the Chief Information Officer. Cathy is one of the founding and general partners of Sandpiper Ventures.