Derek Exner

Professor and the Associate Dean Innovation & Commercialization, University of Calgary

Roles: Associate, Scientist

Site: CDL-Rockies

Stream: Prime

Dr. Derek Exner is a practicing heart rhythm specialist, professor, and associate dean of innovation and commercialization at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary. He is an international authority on clinical trials. After navigating the complex path to market access approval for two companies, Derek founded the Integrated Management Platform to Accelerate Clinical Trials (IMPACT) Program at the University of Calgary. IMPACT simplifies and demystifies clinical validation and regulatory adherence, assisting health tech innovators over their development, from proof of concept testing through market access approval.

Derek has served in numerous leadership positions for clinical trials and has participated in multiple Canadian and international practice guidelines. He is a recognized international expert in cardiovascular medical devices for heart rhythm disorders and frequently lectures and trains physicians on surgical technique and best practices in this area. Derek is actively involved with innovation and commercialization activities, leading commercialization efforts for multiple medical devices, advising multiple large and small medical device companies, serving as an expert to the Canadian government, and actively mentoring companies.