Douglas Beach

Chair of the Board, Eavor Technologies Inc.

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Estonia, CDL-Rockies, CDL-Seattle

Streams: Ag, Computational Health, Digital Society, Energy, Manufacturing, Prime

Doug Beach is an early-stage investor in dozens of technology ventures, primarily deep climate, health, and AI-driven industrial technology with global reach and ‘change the world’ impact. He has nearly four decades of operating and investing experience, including global operation of financial and physical commodity trading businesses, innovations in physical and financial market facilities, acquisitions, public issues, and the requisite experiences that come with all the above – regulatory, pirates, difficult oligarchs, and more. He spent three decades working with Koch Industries companies. Doug has spent the last decade working in private investment. He has worked in Canada and the US for nearly 25 years in Canada as well as Switzerland and the UK.

Doug is the chair of Eavor Technologies Inc., a board member of Enersoft and GeologicAI, an advisor to Summit Nanotech, Fillip Fleet, and EnviCorp, and an Associate with Creative Destruction Lab, (CDL-Rockies, CDL-Seattle and CDL-Estonia) where he supports the Energy, Agriculture, Prime, Advanced Manufacturing, Computational Health, and Digital Society streams.