Edoardo De Martin

CEO & Co-Founder, Industrio AI

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Vancouver

Stream: Compute

Edoardo De Martin has over 25 years of experience in software development, focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as holographic applications and an AI-powered digital twinning platform for agriculture. He formerly held leadership positions at Microsoft, where he increased the size of the Vancouver office from 300 to 1,700 employees. In addition, he served as a general manager in the Microsoft Dynamics division, overseeing the development of Dynamics 365 Guides and Remote Assist in the mixed reality space.

Earlier in his career, Edoardo was the franchise development director at Vancouver’s Electronic Arts, where he led the delivery of Need for Speed Underground, a top-selling video game worldwide. He was recognized for his operational excellence in the gaming industry, earning consecutive “Best Company” awards during his time at Next Level Games.

Currently, he is the CEO and co-founder of Industrio AI, a company that specializes in AI and DataOps services, helping companies design and build scalable software and data solutions that drive industry progress. In addition, Edoardo uses his expertise to support organizations that are shaping the Canadian tech ecosystem, like the Digital Canadian Supercluster. He also sits on the boards of InnovateBC, The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, and the Richmond Hospital Foundation.