Gareth Keane

Partner, Promus Ventures

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Atlanta, CDL-Paris, CDL-Toronto

Stream: Space

Gareth Keane is a partner with Promus Ventures. Promus Ventures invests in early-stage, deep-technology software and hardware companies that are run by visionary and tenacious founding teams. Promus funds companies shaping the future in areas like robotics, AI/ML, space, and synthetic biology.

Prior to joining Promus Ventures he worked at Qualcomm Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of Qualcomm Inc., a leading US technology corporation.

Before Qualcomm Ventures, Gareth worked for two years in the corporate development teams at National Semiconductor and Texas Instruments where he focused on strategic investment, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and corporate strategy. Previously, he worked for PMC-Sierra and a number of other technology firms in engineering and engineering management roles across the hardware and software domains in both Europe and North America.

Gareth has an MBA from The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania, with a major in finance and entrepreneurial management. He holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering from The Queen’s University of Belfast (UK) and a bachelor’s in electronic engineering from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Gareth is also a Kauffman Fellow where he was a member of Class 15 under the mentorship of Bart Schachter, VP of Corporate Development at National Semiconductor.