Leah Skerry

Co-Founder, Squiggle Park

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Atlantic

Stream: Prime

Since March 2021, Leah has been the Entrepreneur in Residence at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax. She is still the co-founder of Squiggle Park|Dreamscape, which is headquartered in Halifax. Starting in 2014 and for almost 5 years, Leah held the position of CEO at Squiggle Park|Dreamscape in Halifax and Toronto.

Squiggle Park was acquired by Dreambox Learning in 2020. Dreamscape is the only hyper-gamified reading program, which enhances literacy skills for grades 2-8. It boasts over 125K educator users and over 3.5M players. She has also owned and was a board member of Code + Mortar from June 2010 to 2020; during this time, Code & Mortar became known for Norex Labs launching startups and products such as Pursu.it, Squiggle Park and Holmes.

In 2020, Code + Mortar was acquired by Revolve, a full-service branding and marketing firm, which serves national clients such as Deloitte, Cavendish Farms, Lawton’s, and Saint Mary’s University Sobey’s School of Business.