Mark Russell

CEO, HyperSciences Inc.

Role: Associate

Sites: CDL-Atlanta, CDL-Oxford, CDL-Paris, CDL-Toronto, CDL-Vancouver

Streams: Minerals, Space

Mark Russel has a master’s from Stanford in Aero/Astro Engineering and is the former Lead Engineer for Blue Origin’s first VTOL vehicle and was Lead of Crew Capsule Development at Blue Origin. Along with two decades of spaceflight and aerospace technology development from Boeing to Intel, Mark has a long history of family underground mining development and operations for world-class large mining projects. HyperSciences was sponsored by Shell to develop the world’s fastest and deepest geothermal drilling and tunneling technology, with Hypersonic impact using ram accelerator-based high energy systems. Mark provides both the vision and technical expertise to lead the world’s first companies focused on commercial, industrial, and aerospace hypervelocity mass drivers. He has been pursuing his life-long dream of bringing new aerospace technology to improve life on planet earth with HyperSciences as well as sharing knowledge and access to space for all humans in his development of Pipeline2Space, Inc.