Mark Trevitt

Founder and Managing Partner, Defined Capital

Role: Associate

Site: CDL-Vancouver

Stream: Compute

Mark is the Founder and Managing Partner of Defined, a thesis-driven venture capital firm supporting founders advancing the Automation Frontier, where data, humans and AI come together to solve problems in radically new ways. He is a former operator and engineer with a passion for company building and empowers and guides founders to achieve this potential.

Mark has served on the Boards of DarkVision (acq. by Koch), Neurio (acq. by Generac), Arteria AI Spark, ZenHub, Librestream, Cognota, Charli AI and has been an investor in Bit Stew Systems (acq. by GE), GaN Systems (acq. By Infineon) and SkyWatch. The investment in DarkVision won the CVCA Deal of the Year Award in 2021 and Bit Stew Systems won the award in 2017. Mark is also a Kauffman Fellow, a global innovation network for leading venture capitalists.

Mark’s global experience building technology companies – both as a venture capitalist and operator – spans roles in strategy, business development, marketing, partnerships and product. He has worked as a venture investor with BDC Capital, Telegraph Hill Capital, a seed software venture firm in San Francisco and Barcelona, as well as with BP Ventures and Bridges Ventures in London, UK. Prior to this, he led product and created breakthrough algorithms at data analytics company Trucost (acq. by S&P), helped build the first public equities investment strategy at Inflection Point Capital Management, with $1.7 billion of assets now under advisement, and worked in engineering at Ferus (acq. by EMG).